September 2019 Updates

  New button (on side left, bottom) “COOP COLLECTION”. Historian Mike Kohl with assistance of Charlie Ergen’s brother-in-law (Chris McAdam) have completed preliminary spread-sheet inventory of the “Legacy Collection” - 107 large boxes. Individual photos (more than 10,000!), thousands of documents covering his communications with TV pioneers, hundreds of DVDs containing FCC and other documents from the 1920s onward, and much more remains to be sorted. DISH Network will retain some of the hardware pieces (example: Scientific Atlanta decoders) while ALL of the historical papers, books, magazines will eventually end up in a proper historical reference library collection. Enjoy!

BOXES 01 to 10

BOXES 11 to 20

BOXES 21 to 30

BOXES 31 to 40

BOXES 41 to 50

BOXES 51 to 60

BOXES 61 to 70

BOXES 71 to 80

BOXES 81 to 90

BOXES 91 to 107


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September 2019 Updates



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